My furry babies!

I love when they're cute and close enough together for me to take a single photo! 



So...something fun happened on September 26, 2015


Ever have one of those days...

Where you do your hair and/or makeup and really wish you could go back in time and show your 16 year old self what was up? 


Supper time!!

Remember the awesome supper I mentioned last post? Here it is! 1/2c rice, 1/2c seasoned ground beef, and 1c stirfried zucchini and mushrooms with dill and black pepper. I added a dash of low sodium soy sauce for some much needed salt to make it awesome-er. 
I used to do this all the time with baked/sautéed/grilled chicken but the beef is a very pleasant change of texture and flavor. 

Whoops! Week 1 in the books.

Today is day 8 which means that yesterday was the official end of week one.
Definitely not my strongest week.
A few things threw monkey wrenches in my plans.
Friday was to be Fire 30, then Hot Yoga with Sarah, followed by a dip in the hot tub at Paula's parents.
So the plan was to drop Devin off for supper with Ryan and Paula, and drive back over to yoga.  Well as we were leaving I grabbed the mail.  And one of the letters was for me.  Saying that the payment for my drivers license was outstanding.  Whoops.  To be fair my renewal date is Jan 1.  How does that make ANY SENSE?
Anyways, we took this to mean my license was no good, so Devin flat out refused to let me borrow his truck.  Which is totally fair. Though now we know, thanks to the nice lady while I was paying for it on Monday, it's still valid until 3 weeks past the date, then it is considered "lapsed".
Anyways, so for some reason on Friday I didn't do my Fire 30. We'll call that reason procrastination, and once it got to 4 or so I was like whatever, I'll just sweat extra at yoga.  Which also didn't happen.
Then Paula and I may have had 3-4 glasses of wine. 2 with dinner (a crisp white goes nicely with random chinese food. In case anyone was wondering)
Saturday, we slept in till 11 (BAD!) and then had to book it immediately to our lovely niece Abigail's 1st birthday party! We ended up staying till almost 6, and by that point I had no interest in working out.
Sunday's scheduled workout was Fire 55, so I did that as well as Saturday's Core 20.

Monday.  Ohhh Monday.  Scheduled workout was Fire 40.  I didn't work out until almost 9, I had eaten poorly all day and just really had no interest in it. I was saying to myself "Just do Fire 30, no one will know."
Well I dug deep at the last second and did Fire 40!

Today's schedule has my first HIIT workout, HIIT 15, along with one of the strength training workouts (Can't remember if it's Sculpt or Tone 30).

We're also rockin' out the nutritional awesomeness today.
Breakfast: Steel cut oatmeal with sliced bananas, unsweetened shredded coconut, and blueberry flavoured agave syrup (three cheers for David's Tea freebies!) with a cup of coffee (or 6)

Lunch will be the crockpot chicken soup that I made yesterday for my dear sick hubby-to-be, and a salad of some description to get more veggies.

Supper will be the mixed up lunches I made for work before Glen called me a second time to say that I wasn't actually going back to work today, it will be next Monday.  Anyways, it's 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup seasoned ground beef, and 1 cup of stir fried mushrooms and zuchini. Usually I add some roasted bell peppers too but we had no bell peppers and I was too lazy slash it was too cold to go get some.

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